Old England Road

Ipswich, Massachusetts


Old England Road is home to an agricultural complex that was established in 1978.  Over the years, the farmers have used the land to sustain honey bees, waterfowl, orchards, nursery and ornamental stock, and the Christmas trees sold under the Heliotrope Hill Tree Farm brand.  The farmers are now keen to make affordable farm land available to the next generation of local aspiring farmers. 


In 2013, brush management was undertaken to restore “Field 1”, so close to five acres are now available for lease.  Field 1 is marked by gentle slopes, and is predominantly comprised of “Farmland of statewide importance” as determined by the USDA.


“Field 2” is still in productive use, but will be getting expanded slightly during the Winter of ‘13-’14. It is expected that Field 2 will be available for lease in 2015.


Old England Road’s farmers welcome the opportunity to discuss your agricultural aspirations with you.  Whether you imagine starting or growing a CSA, raising livestock, managing a healthy farm to table food source for your family or restaurant, or even, as has been discussed with several non-profits, using the land to conduct agricultural programs for farmers with disabilities, we likely have a parcel that meets your needs.


Please email the farmers to discuss your goals.